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Welcome to the Emfuleni Municipal Court Website. This site provides some helpful information about matters bringing you to court.

The Municipal Courts is responsible for the processing and adjudication of all municipal related cases filed by the respective law enforcement agencies in the municipality (i.e. Land Use Management, Building Control, Health and Environmental Health, By-Laws Enforcement, Traffic, etc.) and municipal by-law cases filed by the SAPS.

The Municipal Courts is a branch court of the Magistrates Court and therefore compelled to adhere to all legislative requirements and guidelines stipulated by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and stipulated by the National Prosecuting Authority.

It is obliged to manage court processes in conjunction with the Magistrates Courts, according to the legislative requirements stipulated in the Magistrates Court Act, (Act 23 of 1944) and the Criminal Procedures Act, (Act 51 of 1977) and applicable guidelines issued by the Judiciary from time-to-time.

The Municipal Courts also collects admission of guilt payments on fines issued by the respective law enforcement agencies.

Mission Statement

The Municipal Courts’ primary function is to provide a well-run court service in support of an effective Criminal Justice System and to build and sustain public confidence that all communities will be served fairly. It endeavours to expedite fair and reliable adjudication of municipal by-laws, municipal legislation, road traffic legislation and other municipal related cases filed, by providing support services to the National Prosecution Authority and the Department of Justice in order to reduce backlogs in the criminal Justice system.


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