Youth, Gender, HIV/AIDS and Disability

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In executing its mandate and meeting challenges facing society in an endeavour to create a better life for communities, the office of the Executive Mayor has created positions which have already been filled given the urgency and importance of the mayoral programmes.

Society is plagued by issues relating to youth, the disabled, women and the elderly. Interlinked to these are issues pertaining to the HIV/AIDS scourge that is ravaging society at a pace of unimaginable proportions, crime and the high rate of unemployment that continuously contribute to family violence, alcohol and substance abuse and youth despondency.

As we are convinced that families are the core nucleus of society, this prompted the office of the mayor as the political head of the Emfuleni Local Municipality, together with her leadership at council level, to declare all these priority projects of the municipality.

For execution purposes, co-coordinators were employed and tasked with the gargantuan responsibility of addressing these issues by developing implementable programmes and deliverables with clear time-frames.

Community participation, in realizing these goals, becomes central and critical. A coordinated and managed approach is necessary to deliver on these issues. It therefore becomes incumbent for society to assume centrality and ownership of these programmes as they affect our daily lives and it is us and only us alone as a community united in purposes and action who can overcome this burden in congruence with our vision and mission to create a better society devoid of unemployment, gender discrimination and exploitation, sexual and domestic abuse and violence, a society free from drugs, substance and alcohol abuse, a society that cares about the elderly, the sick and the frail. “Together we can build a caring society”.


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