Speech delivered by the Executive Mayor, Cllr SA Mshudulu during Miss Emfuleni prize giving ceremony at Vanderbijlpark Head Office, 18 October 2010

Cllr SA MshuduluMadam Speaker, MMC Clr Mike Muir, DMM Mr Lucky Kamolane, Miss Emfuleni, Ladies and gentlemen.

The spectacular Miss Emfuleni 2010/11 beauty pageant took place at the Emerald Casino on the 01 October 2010. All the finalists wowed the judges, and audience members with their beauty, elegance and intelligence.

It was an evening brimming with glamour, drama and suspense. At the close of the extravagant evening, it was the striking 21 year old beauty, Lerato Mokoena who walked away with the crown. Along with the prestigious title of Miss Emfuleni 2010, she also received a host of amazing prizes, including a Toyota Yaris.

Ladies and gentlemen let’s have a round of applause in congratulating Lerato Mokoena as our 2010 Miss Emfuleni.


Beauty contests, or beauty pageants, by their very nature are competitions based mainly on the physical beauty of their contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria.

However, it is important to note that Miss Emfuleni has progressively emphasized the need to capture the different aspects of women and highlights their personal successes. Miss Emfuleni strives to give these women the opportunity to rise to the top. Multiculturalism is one of the central determinants of the pageant.

Another goal of Miss Emfuleni pageant is promoting self-esteem of the contestants. Girls that compete feel a sense of belonging with the other contestants, and the larger pageant community. The pageant offers not just a place, but a particular way with which to negotiate a sense of self.
The skills learned in pageants have been said to last for a lifetime. Contestants gain the ability to speak in public, and a sense of confidence in themselves. Winners of these pageants have said that they feel a sense of accomplishment.

There is also a general consensus that pageants were created because of the conclusion that pageants turned girls into women. They aligned themselves with many clubs to raise money for charities. This was done to gain public approval and to dispel the reputation of being “just another beautiful face.”

At this point I would like to acknowledge and thank the generous contribution from all our sponsors. Your efforts and spirit of generosity has elevated this event to even greater heights. Because of the number and extravagance of the prizes, Miss Emfuleni would now be a household name and one of the major events for the calendar year.

It is our wish that we can continue to build on this excellent relationship with Miss Emfuleni as a social construct and as a brand together with your established and recognisable brands.

With those few words, let us without further delay call on the sponsors to present their prizes to Lerato.

I thank you!!

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